My practice explores the structures that limit human existence. What are the limits of being? Who does the limiting? How are these limits normalised through cultural discourse? In order to understand the structures that dictate our contemporary norm, I find it helpful to observe how they function during a crisis. To this end, my work explores improper arrangements of labour, language, behaviour and material to produce crises. Un-doings of reason. Role-reversals. Code-switches. These are deployed to suspend normalised power relations. To disarticulate what is considered common sense.

I work with situational performance. Often operating in sites of production and consumption, I rehearse alternatives within real-world scenarios. In each instance, my work is a response to the specific material conditions that I encounter: institutional, commercial, civic or bureaucratic. These conditions are placed under tension: power relations are reversed, limits are capsized, objects are misplaced or distorted. By disordering standard socio-economic procedures, I look at ways to reimagine the governing logic encoded in dominant discourse. To propose alternatives. This activity generates a constellation of material that operates at the intersection of video, text, photography and sculpture.