A tourist inserts a carton of Palestinian milk into Israeli supermarkets, and attempts to buy it.

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According to the 1993 Oslo Accords, Israeli milk may be sold in Palestine, but Palestinian milk cannot be sold in Israel. In this work, the explosive politics of the Middle East hinge around a simple carton of milk. The tension of East Jerusalem transforms a symbol of maternal care into something highly toxic.

Not only is this milk Palestinian, it is also produced in the territory's most disputed site: Hebron. This city houses the tomb of Abraham. It is therefore the scene of daily violence between Arab civilians and Israeli settlers, both claiming rights to the land.

The title of this work refers to a set of agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. In principle, these marked the start of a new peace process, but have subsequently been criticised for their Israeli bias. The embargo placed on Palestinian milk is symbolic of this inequity.

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Commissioned by Al-Mahatta Gallery (Ramallah)
Presented at Qalandiya International Biennale (Jerusalem)