Jeremy Hutchison

Bad Goods, 2012

A shopper makes purchases at the supermarket checkout, but in reverse. The moment he acquires his goods, they are returned to the teller. This procedure is repeated ad infinitum.

Extract from catalogue essay by Alistair Robinson: "The alarming video work Bad Goods, 2012 reveals a supermarket shopper repeating his daily routine, but reverses the sequence so that the consumer rescinds his purchases to the teller. The short sequence repeats ad infinitum, like a monstrous cross-breed of the films Groundhog Day and Twin Peaks, scripted by a manic commodity fetishist. The work presents a capitalist's dream come true: consumers who endlessly and only consume, without interruption or the need for life outside consumption. The horror of daily life is revealed through the most elegant of means: a glitch, flaw, or momentary lapse of reason that makes the work a kind of waking hallucination.

Commissioned by Delfina Foundation / British Council / Art School Palestine
Presented at National Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland