Jeremy Hutchison

Objectless Expansion, 2015

This project addresses the co-option of the colour cyan by Silicon Valley. Skype, Twitter, Vimeo, DropBox, Windows 8 are among many brands to incorporate cyan into their corporate identities. Connoting freedom, formlessness, limitlessness, this colour is deployed in order to mystify the material and economic realities around our digital activity.

For this work, every surface of a gallery is painted cyan. A video shows a digital rendering of the gallery, multiplied through a labyrinth of infinite spaces. The soundtrack to this film is the voice of a Skype user who I contacted via an unsolicited request. In intricate detail, this individual describes the room from which he speaks, on the twenty-fourth storey of a residential building in Beijing, China.

This work explores how the digital network facilitates new forms of domination: by supporting new horizons of reach, narrow forms of reason can expand to become a global norm. In this process, terms like ’domestic’, ‘imperial’ and ‘international’ become tangled up in a much larger complex: one that operates in the deterritorialised field of the imaginary.

Presented at Christine Koenig Galerie, Vienna; Division of Labour, Worcester; Harpers Bazaar Art Arabia.