Jeremy Hutchison

Fabrications, 2013-16

This project constructs a counter-history of Palestine. Invoking a blue land ravaged by colonisation, it describes a dazzling geological phenomenon: vast quarries of raw indigo. Through a series of fictions and distortions, the work is a critical engagement with the uncertainty that pervades Palestine's borders, topologies and geopolitical status.

To produce this work, I collaborated with a denim producer based in Nablus. For six months, the factory operated under the immediate sightline of an Israeli tank, labouring with the threat of imminent obliteration. This work intersects the production of consumer goods with the production of history, examining the subjective distortions that take place in each process.

Commissioned by Delfina Foundation / British Council / Art School Palestine
Presented at ICA (London), 37th EVA Biennale (Limerick), Blackwood Gallery (Toronto), Division of Labour (Salford)



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