Jeremy Hutchison

Content Provider, 2020

This video features a series of self portraits, made of white tack. The artist stole this material from an office where he works as a freelancer.

Like white tack, the freelancer is flexible. He bends around his clients, manipulating his schedule, ethics and creativity to suit their terms. But in doing so, he joins a non-unionised workforce. An alienated pool of disembodied brains, who compete for any precarious employment contract.

Hutchison's army of gargoyles appear in an animated film, set in his employer's office. Accompanied by a euphoric house track, they sing fragments of text that he has written for corporate clients - urging us to try soymilk, open life insurance accounts, or switch mobile phone contracts.

The video was developed in collaboration with a team of freelance creatives: Adam Dewhirst (animator), Pierre Tardif (creative coder), Oisin Byrne (singer songwriter), Donal Sweeney (composer), Adam Wiseman (photographer) and Sam Britton (sound designer).

To be exhibited at Royal Society of Sculptors (London)