Dear Mr Zuckerberg (Interview) 2020


Since 2017, I have been writing to Mark Zuckerberg. Posted on my Instagram account, these letters cover everything from geopolitics and data privacy to musings from the bathtub. Seeing as he generates revenue from this activity, my correspondence functions as a reflexive performance of the contract that connects us.

For this chapter of the ongoing work, I engaged him in conversation over Instagram Live. Having received significant media attention, this interview was hotly anticipated. Unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan: following a series of technological hitches, the interview descended into fiasco.

Staged during the Covid lockdown, this performance set out to challenge the promise of social media. In place of sharing and connection the audience witnessed a moment of embarrassment, shame and disconnection.  

Media : HD video
Exhibition : Artists + Allies (Berlin)
Feature : The Art Newspaper