Movables 2017

This body of work was triggered by a photograph taken by police at the Balkan borders: the headrests of a Mercedes were torn open to reveal a person hiding inside each seat. Seeking the same freedom of movement as inimate objects, the two men had attempted to disguise themselves as consumer goods.

This arrangement is reproduced in a series of photo collages. Combining elements of marketing and high-end fashion, the work sets up an anthropomorphic fusion between human bodies and consumer products. These are printed on advertising banners, presented at monumental scale and inserted into the generic messaging of globalized consumption.

Media : Digital collage, billboard prints
Commissioner : Fondazione Prada
Exhibitions : Fondazione Prada (Athens), Frutta (Rome) Aksioma (Lubijliana), Delfina Foundation (London), Futherfield (London), Drugo More (Rijeka), Korean Cultural Centre (London), Paradise Works (Salford), Frutta Gallery (Rome)