Objectless Expansion

The color cyan is beloved in Silicon Valley. Countless brands use it in their corporate identities (Skype, Twitter, Vimeo, DropBox, Windows 8 etc.) Suggesting an immaterial world without form or limits, this colour mystifies the forms, materials and limits that underpin our digital activity.

For this installation, every surface of a gallery is painted cyan. A monitor shows a digital rendering of the gallery, multiplied through endless space. The soundtrack is the voice of a Skype user who was contacted via an unsolicited request. In intricate detail, he describes his apartment on the twenty-fourth storey of a residential building in Beijing.

The title a term coined by Joseph Schumpeter to describe the workings of Empire. For the economist, the imperial project is tautological: it expands for the sake of expanding, dominates for the sake of dominating. This is echoed in the operation of Big Technology, whose stated objective is to expand endlessly, colonising the territories of our time, emotions and attention.

Date : 2016
Media : Houshold paint, HD video (4.39 mins)
Commissioner :  Harpers Bazaar Art Arabia
Exhibitions : Christine Koenig Galerie, Vienna; Division of Labour, Worcester; Harpers Bazaar Art Arabia