Monster  2016

In this video, the employees of a peanut factory work at their stations, performing repetitive tasks. But while bodies and machines function ordinarily, the material of their labour has been removed: there is not a peanut to be seen. The factory simply reproduces its own labour conditions.

Monster explores the challenge of technological automation on human existence. As robots disrupt one industry after another, human wage labour is now sliding into obsolescence. While this post-work condition may liberate humanity from the deadening alienation of capitalism, it will carry its own existential challenges. Given the cultural hegemony of the work ethic, will we find it so easy to fill our time with more meaningful activities? Developed in conversation with the factory workers, this video explores an absurd proposition: that we simply continue to work.

Media : HD Video
Commissioner : Delfina Foundation / British Council
Exhibitions : The Ryder (London), Diep-Haven Film Festival,
Fabrica (Brighton), Espacio Odeon (Bogota)