Fabrications 2016

This project constructs a fictional history of Palestine. Describing a dazzling blue land ravaged by colonisation, it presents an impossible geological phenomenon: vast quarries of indigo. Through a series of absurd distortions, the work is a critical engagement with the construction of history and the uncertainty that pervades Palestine’s borders and geopolitical status.

To produce this work, I collaborated with a denim producer based in Nablus, Palestine. For six months, this factory had operated under the immediate sightline of an Israeli tank - its workers labouring with the immediate threat of obliteration. Through the fabrication of images, jeans and history, this work examines the distortions that are woven through cultural production.

Media: Sculpture, photography, text, HD video (6 mins)
Commissioner : Delfina Foundation / British Council
Exhibitions : ICA (London), EVA Biennale (Limerick), Blackwood Gallery (Toronto), Division of Labour (Salford)
Press : Artforum (critic’s pick), Frieze