Dear Mr Zuckerberg (music video) 2020


This music video features Mark Zuckerberg singing over a house track. The lyrics of the song are based on my correspondence with him. Using facial recognition software, my own words are sung through his mouth. Through an act of ventriloquism, his image is worn as a mask.

This work explores what it means to hack into other peoples’ bodies, affects, lives. If Zuckerberg uses technology to hack into ours, this video performs the reverse. It cannibalises his image to absurd effect. This could be seen in the context of long histories of ritualistic performance: the performer takes on the image, of a malevolent spirit. By inhabiting the monstrous, the performer sets out to exorcise its ghastly power.

Media : HD video (6.20mins)
Commissioner : Arlington Arts Centre, Virginia (USA)
Exhibitions : The Room Projects (Paris) Lux (London, Proyector20, International Video Art Festival (Madrid), Galeria Nueva (Madrid)
Credits : Oisin Byrne (song), Donal Sweeney (audio production)