Dear Mr Zuckerberg : Music video


Since 2017, I have been corresponding with Mark Zuckerberg. Addressing him on his own platforms - Instagram and Facebook - my letters cover everything from geo-politics and data privacy to intimate reflections from the bathtub.

Given that Zuckerberg generates revenue from my attention and online activity, this correspondence acknowledges the servitude that connects us. It’s a way of reporting to management, from the factory floor. 

In this chapter of the ongoing project, my letters are extracted, transformed into a syth-pop anthem, and performed by dozens of maquettes of the singing tycoon.


Date : 2020
Media : HD video (6.20mins)
Commissioner : Arlington Arts Centre, Virginia (USA)
Exhibitions : The Room Projects (Paris) Lux (London, Proyector20, International Video Art Festival (Madrid), Galeria Nueva (Madrid)
Credits : The soundtrack was written and performed by Oisin Byrne, and produced by Donal Sweeney