Demand + Supply

I was invited to create work for a Swiss art fair. I outsourced my creative control to an investment banker. The banker instructed me to find an anti-capitalist protester, who could spray whatever he wanted onto eleven white boards. The banker instructed me to play the role of gallerist. Any profits were split between us.

This project investigates the recuperation of radical aesthetics by the contemporary art market. Hijacking the market's appetite for the surface of political protest, it explores the potential for politics to remain intact - even become more toxic - within the frenzy of a capitalist marketplace. The work sold to a private collector, and is featured in the book Global Corporate Collections, published by Deutsche Standards. 

Year : 2013
Exhibitions : Liste 18 (Basel), London Art Fair,  
Commissioner : de Appel Gallerist Programme (Amsterdam)
Awards : Winner of the Sotheby's Artist Award (2015)